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A Christian Response to #ShoutYourAbortion

This Periscope broadcast was an explanation and response to the #ShoutYourAbortion movement. The first 27 minutes is my response to the movement, then I went into a time of answering questions. So, don’t feel like you need to watch the entire 1.5 hour long conversation. I hope that this is edifying to you!

To watch with comments showing click here: A Christian Response to #ShoutYourAbortion

Or you can watch without comments showing here below:

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The Gospel is Offensive

Hey reader! Thanks for being here. This Periscope broadcast was about the offense of the Gospel. The broadcast went a little long, but if you watch the first 20 minutes, you’ll get the gist. If you would like would like to watch it with comments click here: The Gospel is Offensive

Or you can watch the YouTube video without the comments, either way, I hope this is beneficial:

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Tear Out Your Eye – Matthew 5:27-30

After last nights Periscope marathon Q&A, I thought I would do a quick Scope about lust and our need for a new heart. If you would like to view the video with comments click here: Tear Out Your Eye

Or you can simply click play to on the YouTube video to watch me respond to invisible questions!

And as always thanks for watching and reading!



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