Will the Monologue NOW Become a Dialogue?

This is a good read. Hopefully a dialogue starts regarding this issue that includes ALL believers regardless of melanin level.


The past two years have been very exhausting on the ethnic front. As I’m sure most of you are aware, Gabriel Williams and I have been blogging on the subject of Public Theology. It has been a long and challenging series in part because there is much we would like to address day-to-day, but we have opted instead to stick to laying a theological, historical, and biblical foundation before jumping into the weeds. Some on our side of the argument might say that this decision has been made out of cowardice. For my part, I have been speaking out on this issue for several years, and Gabe has read the source material extensively that is often cited over at RAAN. Some on the other side of the argument might say that we should just “shut up and listen.” In fact, we’ve pretty much been told as much. At this…

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Christians and Donald Trump

My Abortion Made Me a Better Mom?

This is my response to a New York Times Opinion piece titled, “Late-Term Abortion Was the Right Choice for Me” by Meridith Isaksen. You can find the article here: Late-Term Abortion Was the Right Choice for Me.

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