The Inconsistent Pro-Choice Position

An article posted on the Star Tribune website was brought to my attention the other day. It was a story about a man who horrifically attempted to kill his unborn child while beating up his ex-girlfriend. Here are a few excerpts from the article:

Kenneth L. Turner, 28, assaulted his ex-girlfriend at a home for three hours, at one point ordering her to lie on her back and stomping on her stomach with both feet, the charge said. He told her she didn’t deserve the baby and that he was going to kill it, the complaint said.

The woman is two months pregnant. It’s unclear whether her embryo suffered any permanent injuries.

Turner was charged with felony first-degree attempted murder of an unborn child and felony domestic assault. He has previous domestic assault convictions and two other violent felony convictions.

I think any rational person would agree that what this 28-year-old man did was horrendous and disgusting. I completely agree with the charges and he should be put in prison for a long time regardless of the damage done to the unborn baby. I do have an important question though…Why is this considered attempted murder but abortion isn’t?

8 Weeks Old

This story, and similar ones, highlight the glaring flaw in the pro-choice position on abortion. They cannot answer this question honestly. If one says that what this guy did was wrong, yet holds to a pro-choice position they need to explain why this unborn has more worth than an another? Is the unborn’s worth determined on whether the mother wants him/her? If that is the case then how can we ever have any moral standards? Truthfully, the pro-choice position doesn’t have a moral standard.

When we forsake a moral standard we become inconsistent. On one hand the pro-choice advocate must reject Turner’s actions while on the other hand they accept the mother’s choice to terminate a pregnancy. When they hold that position they are taking away an unborn’s worth and placing his/her worth in the hands of his/her mother. This is a recipe for moral chaos.

With this in mind, on what grounds could the pro-choice advocate agree with the words of Tony Palumbo (County Attorney)?

This type of criminal behavior is shocking and will be dealt with severely if these allegations are proven.

Wasn’t the 1st degree attempted murder charge part of the “criminal behavior” that Palumbo was so disturbed by? To the pro-choice advocate I ask…

Why should you be disgusted with what Turner did?

Thanks for reading.


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  1. True, there is glaring lack of moral standard and what is clear here is that the judge knows that a fetus has full rights which any other human being is entitled to!

    • Hey Marepaul,

      Yes, in one case a judge recognizes that the fetus has rights but in the other the fetus in the same stage of development isn’t given those same rights. It is truly sad and ludicrous.

      Thanks for reading and commenting,


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