John Piper’s Take on Birth Control

Before I talk about the video I want to thank T.J., a regular reader of this blog, for bringing this topic up in previous posts.

There are a few of things that I really enjoyed about this video.

First, Piper is extremely transparent and real. So, often we see “famous” preachers and they are larger than life. Some come off as arrogant and untouchable, but Piper is not like that here. He mentions that he and his wife used contraception early in their marriage and that is not something people typically talk about, especially pastors.

Second, I really enjoy the way he approaches the abortion issue. Obviously, this video is not specifically about abortion but some birth control drugs, like “the morning after” pill, do not prevent the fertilization. They eliminate the fertilized egg. His line at about the 56 second mark resonated with me the most. This is what he said:

I think a child should be given the benefit of the doubt as to whether he exists or not. 

That statement is powerful! It does not pretend to be scientific or decisive, but it is wise, reasonable, and logical. I think whether we are examining the issues of birth control or abortion that statement should stay in the forefront of our minds.

Lastly, I really like how Piper describes the amount of children we have as a “legitimate Kingdom decision”. What I liked about this is that he uses the principles that Paul used for singleness and applies it to child bearing. The Bible says that marriage is God-ordained and God created but Paul said that he wished everyone would be single. Paul is not contradicting Scripture but he is announcing that some people may need to remain single to do the work of Christ. Piper uses that same logic for this issue.

God says that having children is a blessing but we may need to limit the amount of offspring so that we can do ministry and serve God. That is what Piper would call a “Kingdom” or “redemption” issue. Sometimes, it is probably more wise to serve the Lord with the 3 children you have instead of worrying about trying to make ends meet so you can raise your 10 children. That is why Piper calls this a “Kingdom” issue. Limiting the amount of children we have, just like Paul’s wish that others would be single, can help us reach more people for God’s Kingdom.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I really like John Piper. Right now I am reading Desiring God (which he wrote), and it is heady stuff! That God would want us to be happy in Him because that is when He is most glorified turns my head!

  2. T.J. McKenzie

    Thank you for posting this link. I think I have a better understanding of the modern Protestant view on birth control.

    In Christ,

    • I am glad you found it somewhat helpful. I am sure there could be a large discussion on the topic but I think there are far bigger issues than this one.

      Thanks for the idea and sparking my interest,


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