Why No Christian Should Vote for Obama

The title sounds like I am going to endorse Romney and shoot down President Obama however, that is not my intention at all. What this post is about is President Obama’s disgusting stance on abortion. Planned Parenthood (PP), a group that your tax dollars go to, is a pro-abortion group and, they have recently endorsed President Obama in the upcoming election. Why would they do this? It is probably a mixture of a couple of things. #1 Romney has vowed to stop PP from getting your tax dollars. #2 President Obama has not voted against anti-abortion bills during his time in the Illinois State Legislature.

Here is a list of 7 different abortion laws that Obama voted on. His vote in all of the following was “present” according to a article:

1997 Votes

  • HB 382 Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act. House version, passed Illinois State Senate, adopted as law. Under the bill, doctors who perform partial-birth abortions could be sent to prison for one to three years. The woman would not be held liable. 

2001 Votes

  • SB 562 Parental Notice of Abortion Act. Bill passed Senate 39-7, with 11 present votes, including Obama. 
  • SB 1094 Bill to protect children born as result of induced labor abortion. Bill passed 33-6, with 13 present, including Obama. 
  • SB 1095 Bill defining “born alive” defines “born-alive infant” to include infant “born alive at any stage of development.” Bill passed 34-5, with nine present, including Obama.

What strikes me is that a couple of these bills involved partial birth abortions and, President Obama voted “present”. Not only that, Obama also voted “present” when it comes to protecting “Liveborn children”. Liveborn children are babies that survived the initial attempt of abortion. This means that the baby is actually alive outside of the womb and Obama voted “present” in preserving the life of these newborns.

You may be thinking, “So what? Obama didn’t vote against the partial birth abortion ban?” Well, in a way he did. In the same article quoted above, author Michael Dobbs notes this:

Under the rules of the Illinois legislature, a present vote effectively functions as a no vote because only yes votes count toward passage of a bill. Legislators vote “present” rather than “no” for a variety of tactical reasons, including making it more difficult for their political opponents to use their votes against them in campaign advertisements. 

Since only “yes” votes count as to whether a bill passes or falls in Illinois, President Obama’s “present” votes were essentially “no” votes. If that isn’t enough evidence check this out:

‘We worked on the ‘present’ vote strategy with Obama,’ said Pam Sutherland, chief lobbyist for the Illinois branch of Planned Parenthood, an abortion rights group. ‘He was willing to vote “no”, and was always going to be a “no” vote for us.’

There you go. President Obama is in the back pockets of Planned Parenthood. They worked out a strategy where he could for their pro-abortion agenda while saving face. This is contradicted by the Bible and cannot be supported by any Christian that truly follows Christ. Here are the words of Job in Job 31: 14-15:

What then shall I do when God rises up?

When he makes inquiry, what shall I answer him?

Did not he who made me in the womb make him?

And did not one fashion us in the womb?

Job’s rhetorical questions highlights that God is the creator of everyone. God has made every human being no matter what stage of development they are in. Every person has God’s image stamped on them and, that gives every person value. We, as humans, have worth because we have been created by God but, the moment we embrace abortion is the moment that we deny the value of every human being. The moment we adopt abortion as a woman’s right is the moment we deny human rights to the most vulnerable human beings. So, when you go to the polls in November, remember to stand for human rights by not voting for President Obama.

Thanks for reading.


About Travis Berry

I am a blatantly honest person who loves to think, read, discuss, and write about God and theology. I have a bachelor's degree in Youth Ministry from Crown College. I work at a church in Houston, TX as a Youth Director and love every minute of it! I am married to a wonderful woman named Becky and we have one amazing child! I have a love for God's Word, and a fervor to live it out in the fullest, and I pray this blog reflects that. Thanks for checking out AnotherChristianBlog!.

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  1. IF people are paying attention at all…this will reallly hurt him. NO ONE has the right to do this to any woman.

  2. Sinister Dreams

    See this is the kind of stuff that pisses me off, I don’t like it when an organization, or company has the POTUS in their pocket because democracy fails to work when the head honcho has ulterior motives. I swear, this year i’m taking my ballot and i’m going to throw a dart at it to make my choice!

    However, I do like planned parenthood for other reasons, I used to go there for all of my gyno exams back before I had insurance, and I also got Birth Control through them during that same time period. As for abortions, I would never get one, but I do understand why some women feel they need to have one in extreme cases, like rape, but frivolous abortions I don’t agree with. I also hate the idea of partial birth abortions, and liveborn abortions, And I can’t believe anyone would ever think to do that, OR support it.

    Something I always say is, if you don’t want kids yet use protection and take some personal responsibility if an accident should occur!

    • SD,

      Personally, I cannot stand PP. I think they are disgusting. I know that they think they are doing something good but, to receive 270 million dollars from tax-payers and use a loop hole to support a candidate is ridiculous. On another note I know that you may feel like you have benefited from it but, do you think the government should be giving them any money to do what they do?


      • Sinister Dreams

        I do feel that they should be funded, but only if they use the money responsibly. I do think that they provide a good service to women and men who can’t afford basic health care, and they do provide a lot of excellent family planning resources, and I know this because when I thought I was pregnant I went there with my husband (then boyfriend) and We got all the info on having a family so young, they helped us with the initial shock, they also provided us with information on financial help and just basic help like WIC and a diaper and clothing trade thing. They were really great about it and never once tried, or even asked if I wanted an abortion. Thankfully I ended up not being pregnant!

      • SD,

        I think that they should not get tax-payer money when they support candidates and promote abortion. They may not have brought it up to you but, they would show you plenty of doctors willing to abort your “unwanted” child. I think that alone should make it impossible for them to use my money.


      • Travis, you are 100% right. I can’t add not one thing to your post. It is simple…to the point.. and RIGHT.

      • Sinister Dreams

        I can agree with that. They also get a TON of donations, so it may come down to it someday where that’s all they get is those donations, but that wont happen unless we have a change in president, and I honestly don’t see that happening with Romney either, so, we will see it guess.

  3. Sinister…, how dare you expect people to actually be responsible for their own actions! Are you sick? NO! Of course not! I have been saying the same thing for years. I have known a couple of women who used Abortion as their birth control. It just broke my heart!

    When I got pregnant at an time in my life…a new baby would be a financial strain as well as personally…no REAL education to support the child with, etc.
    The doctor asked me if I was ready to have a child or he would perform an abortion. I immediately said, “NO!”
    After I had my child…the Dr. who delivered her told me he had no idea of how in the world I got pregnant in the first place. My uterus was upside down AND tilted. That child was meant to be born. That was my only child and when I tried again to get pregnant, I couldn’t. She was my miracle baby.

    • Please be kind while addressing people please.


      • Travis, if you are talking to me about being Kind…That was “sarcasm” and meant to be the opposite…I should have stated it was sarcasm.

      • I just wanted to make it clear that kindness is important to me. I didn’t take your comment as sarcasm. It’s tough to communicate that through this form of media sometimes. Thanks for clarifying.


      • Travis, in kindness, I say this. There is a time for all emotions…that is why God gave them to us. I will be more focused on using words to let you know when I am being sarcastic; and the sarcasm WAS NOT directed at anyone here, but at Obama.

        Has anyone ever told you that you take things too personally that are not even directed at you, “personally”? You must be a very sensitive loving person, but there are times that we ARE allowed to use the apppropriate emotion in addressing a “specific” subject matter. It isn ‘t always going to be nice…just as the subject matter is NOT a NICE subject.

      • I am not at my computer so my response has to be brief but I was talking about your comments towards SD. I do not take things too personally. In fact, I am often cold hearted. God is still working on me though.


      • Well, we are all in the same boat together; and we all have “specific” issues that He helps us to “refine.”
        “Our strengths shall become our Weakness; and Our Weaknesses Shall Become Our Strengths.”

  4. I’d like to give a little bit different slant here. St. Paul in scripture (1 Cor. chapters 9-11) speaks heavily about putting ourselves in the shoes of others. This is in order to understand where they are coming from in order to know how to be the best witness we can be. When he is writing about this, he says he is referring to Jews, gentiles (all non-Jews) and the church of God…, this means everyone.

    Many women, are afraid that things will go back essentially to the crusades, where people were strapped down and forced to comply. Think about it….now I am very pro-life, but yet we have to think about what a law would do. Laws mean punishment…and because MOST women who would therefore be imprisoned/harshly punished would be young women and girls as young as 10-11…then how will we handle this? Obviously, we don’t just take everything that is out there, so in the following urls you can glean the info that pertains. But the statistics tell us that MANY young women have horrendous things happening in their lives when they seek abortion…things that Jesus would care about.

    So, as Christians it is important that we understand that God is not just asking, but commanding that WE love these women….meaning that we realize that we cannot leave it up to the higher ups in government. They have to look at everything at different perspectives when making decisions…and some just believe that they can’t force women to do something completely against their will, especially for the reasons many women would resist. (see urls)

    We are commanded to love our neighbor….these women and their babies are our neighbor. They are a perfect mission field for us….a segment of our population that needs to experience the saving and loving power of God. Here we have a mission field of sinners like you and me, right in front of us, and then what we do is try and make things harder for them, instead of getting our hands dirty like Christ would…and love them, so that they and their babies can be saved in more ways then one.


    • Jenny,

      I see where you are coming from and I do not pretend to know everyone’s circumstances. However, the hefty majority of abortions are not by young girls who have been raped or things of this nature. The majority are women simply deciding that they do not want to have a baby. That is what a law will attempt to snuff out. When it comes to the sliver of the population you are talking about then I agree. We are to be the hands and feet of Christ. Even to those who had an abortion for no reason other than, “I didn’t want a baby,” we need to show them love and grace through Christ. The Apostle Paul murdered Christians before Christ invaded his heart, so I do not pretend that these woman are outside of God’s saving abilities. This does not mean that we should not advocate for a law against abortion.

      If you believe that the unborn child is a human being, yet you don’t advocate for anti-abortion laws then does it make sense to abolish murder laws? If not, why not?

      We are often afraid of passing laws or preaching Christ because it might offend people….Well, when it comes to humans being killed, I am willing to offend a few people.


  5. Travis, I am not *afraid* of offending people.That is not where my mind is at all. I am not driven by disdain for Obama. I am a what might be called a literalist….meaning I believe what scripture says (in context) is never wrong – and is always right in the strictest sense. SO, I go to it to learn about life…so, what I am saying is that my 1st aim is to do whatever I am doing with the love of God in the forefront of my mind. (2 Cor. 5:13-21). Therefore, no matter how odd it sounds to my human nature, my intent is to think about how I am being viewed by those around me…to be (Col.3:5-6) concerned that I am living wisely among those who are not Christians…and to be careful not to get caught up into the slandering and hate and accusations flying around (Eph. 4:31-5:20)…and the jumping to conclusions about Obama, and yet letting Romney off the hook when he is someone I would never be able to trust, as he has no core values – which means that he can change his mind depending on the tide, which he has done so often.

    Roe vs Wade is an old issue. Pres. Obama didn’t start this whole thing. Many presidents before him had to deal with this issue, and many of these supported it’s continuing. YET we demonize Obama for it…when we didn’t those other Presidents! And Romney has been across the board….from “pro-choice to pro-life’….which means where he will be tomorrow is unknown as it depends on where he thinks the tide is going….so, we cannot at all trust what he will do!!! However, because people are driven by a hatred that started right before he was elected….a little piece of gossip, like a spark that began a wild-fire….they have spread all kinds of things about him. IF we look hard enough at ANYONE, we will find the dirt we are looking for. He was sentenced before he even started…so I would say that a lot of why there has been not as much progress in his administration is because of all the spiritual activity and prayers against him.

    As for the anti-abortion law….it is incongruent, almost an oxymoron. It professes to be a pro-life law, yet after the child is born there is NO provision for making sure the child is given any kind of good start. Therefore, it is not based on a true belief in the sacredness of life…it is based on following through with a percieved religious rule. Then when the rule is accomplished, it’s done. The law HAS TO follow through…so that after the child is born that they are not in abusive or wanting situations. Also, .after doing some more research, and even though to me (I worked with and taught children for over 30 years) the multiple thousands of teens each yr that get pregnant feels like it is the majority….and what I found was that almost half of those getting abortions are in their 20’s.

    YES, this fight has been going on for yrs and yrs….and we must especially continue to fight against late term abortions in any case.

    But, it doesn’t matter….it is still THOUSANDS…and to God just one would be a concern. I am still concerned, even for those thousands, how we would handle their situations…AND how much we, who have a wonderful love and power to offer them and their babies, could change their lives if we would but be lead by that one command, instead of judging whether they are worthy enough. “Make the most of every opportunity for doing good in these evil days…” Eph. 5:16

    I hate abortions…but how does one handle it when that baby is INSIDE someone elses body? Do we hold them down against their will, as in the crusades? Not on a rack…but, it IS what’s happening. This is why they all need to hear the message that there is care and hope for them and their babies as they let their babies be born…….instead of the threat of punishment, with no help afterwards. I was listening to a woman speak about this last night…and that most women who seek abortions do not do it lackadaisical. Their circumstances cause them to anguish over it. Put yourself in their shoes, even a little bit. You and I are as much of a sinner as they are….

    Just some things to consider… my 2c

    • Of course I am a sinner and I do not deserve grace. In fact, I demerit grace. I am no better than anyone who had an abortion so that is not the issue. What is the issue is that murder is morally wrong. Killing another person is not allowed in our country unless it is someone in the womb. If a human is in the womb then it is alright to toss to the side.

      When it comes to Obama, he is the biggest pro-abortion president we have ever had. I have documented him, essentially, voting for partial birth abortions and late-term abortions. Granted, I am not a huge Romney fan but that doesn’t mean I should vote for Obama. I don’t really like politics but this issue is close to my heart because I am concerned for those who cannot fight for themselves.

      At the end of the day I think our morals should be reflected in our laws. Murder is wrong, and currently we have a president who supports it.


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