What Did Jesus Mean in John 10:30? (A Response to Muslims and Unitarians)

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The Trinity

A few days ago I posted an article titled, “Are You a Sheep?” The post focused on Jesus’ words found in John 10:24-30. This post will also revolve around Jesus’ words in this text but, we will only be looking at verse 30. This is what Jesus says in John 10:30:

‘I and the Father are one.’ -ESV

Other religious groups dislike this passage of Scripture. Muslims cannot fathom the idea that God would ever become a man and, because of their presuppositions, they cannot accept Jesus’ words. Muslims believe that Jesus was a good teacher and a prophet sent by God. Muslims believe that Jesus did many of the miracles that we find in Scripture but, they reject his deity. The real question is, based on this passage, should they?

Muslims, and others, will say that Jesus never makes it clear that he is divine but, this passage…

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I am a blatantly honest person who loves to think, read, discuss, and write about God and theology. I have a bachelor's degree in Youth Ministry from Crown College. I work at a church in Houston, TX as a Youth Director and love every minute of it! I am married to a wonderful woman named Becky and we have one amazing child! I have a love for God's Word, and a fervor to live it out in the fullest, and I pray this blog reflects that. Thanks for checking out AnotherChristianBlog!.

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