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I am a blatantly honest person who loves to think, read, discuss, and write about God and theology. I have a bachelor's degree in Youth Ministry from Crown College. I work at a church in Houston, TX as a Youth Director and love every minute of it! I am married to a wonderful woman named Becky and we have one amazing child! I have a love for God's Word, and a fervor to live it out in the fullest, and I pray this blog reflects that. Thanks for checking out AnotherChristianBlog!.

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  1. You make the claim that “everyone knows that God exists” and cite Romans 1. Since the same claim, “everyone can see that my god is the creator of the universe and thus exists” is used by most if not all religions, how can anyone know that the Christian claim is any more true than the claims of any other religion?

    • The very distinction between Christianity and every other religion is Jesus himself. He is the very embodiment of God. Christianity is about God coming for us not us getting to reach God. As far as Christianity being true as opposed to others we’d need to evaluate other religions one by one. Obviously, this is a pithy reply and unfortunately that’s all I have time for. Thanks for commenting

      • And there is no evidence for Jesus himself. He is a character like the characters in other religions, so we’re back to Christianity making the same claims as other religions. Again, why should I believe Christianity (or more accurately return to believing in it since I was a Presbyterian Christian), and not the other religions?

        Just because something may be different doesn’t make it true, Travis. I’ve done a lot of research in other religions, and I know what I say is accurate. How much do you actually know about other religions? Many Christians keep themselves ignorant so they may keep the belief that theirs is unique.

      • No evidence for Jesus? I’d say the New Testament is evidence. Why dismiss what the New Testament says? Just because it has miracles in it? You should believe in Jesus because he’s the way, truth, life. And no one will see eternal life without him. Many atheists pretend to be more knowledgeable than they are, but what does that have to do with what we’re talking about?

      • The New Testament is a set of books that cannot agree on the events that are claimed to have happened. For example, the stories vary on what happened before the crucifixion: did Jesus weep or not in Gethsemane?

        At this point, it has been my experience that many Christians, after claiming how accurate the NT, now will try to claim that the conflicting events do not matter.

        There is also the problem that no other sources support the claims in the New Testament. No noticed a legion’s worth of men gather at least twice outside of an occupied city. No one noted the sky darkening, a major earthquake and the walking dead in Jerusalem all on one day.

        If you have no problem in accepting claims of miracles, then there is no reason to dismiss the claims of the Qu’ran, the myths of the Greeks and Romans, the claims that Roman emperors healed people, etc. You see, Travis, there is no reason to believe a baseless claim. The stories of the NT are only the claims, just like the stories of Mohammed are only claims, the stories of Athena and Zeus interfering with humans only claims.. Now you need evidence to support those claims.

        Your book, which is demonstrably wrong in many places, makes the claims that JC is the “way the truth the life” and again, there is no evidence for this character in the first place, much less evidence that anyone benefits from worshiping him. There is no evidence of an “eternal life”. Again, you make the same claims as other religions e.g. that only your god is the creator god, that the universe is evidence for your god, and that one has to believe in a certain way to be rewarded with an afterlife. If you do not believe these claims from other religions, why should I believe yours when you have no more evidence than they do?

        I do agree with your last question: what does your baseless claim that many atheists pretend to be more knowledgeable than they are have to do with your inability to provide evidence that your religion is any more believable than any other religion?

      • Christians have worked and labored through apparent Bible contradictions. These ‘contradictions’ have been answered over and over. Are you suggesting the Gethsemane story is contradictory? I would disagree that they are. Not giving the same story in the same detail, doesn’t mean it’s contradictory. When you ask the question about the darkened sky, earthquake, etc. Why do you assume no one wrote anything about it? How many manuscripts of those historians writings do we actually have? Not very many. Now, I’m not saying they did write about it, but because we don’t have that information doesn’t mean that we should or can dismiss the Bible’s claims about history.

        When comparing the Quran, or pagan deities to the Bible we put them side by side and ask, which worldview can account for everything we take for granted in life? Here is a simple refutation of the Quran. The Quran says that the Gospel was given to Jesus (Sura 3:3, 5:46). Then the Quran says that Allah’s words cannot be corrupted (Sura 6:34, 6:115, 10:64). The Quran also says that Jesus did not die, the Bible does. Since the Quran says that the Bible is Allah’s word and it cannot be corrupted the Bible is true thus that means the Quran is false.

        As far as the pagan deities you referenced, I am not certain that we have any writings about those deities that can be reasonably accepted as original or true to the original. So, to even posit them as opposing Christianity would is worthless.

        Thanks for the comments.

      • You are quite right, Christians have an entire industry to try to excuse very real bible contradictions. And funny how Christian’s don’t agree what the answers are to those contradictions. Why would that be, Travis? Why don’t even Christians agree on what their god “really” meant? Why are there thousands of sects of Christianity and why should I think yours, or any, are accurate in representing reality?

        I know that the gesthemane story is a contradiction. We have one scene with a man who is distraught and weeping, and in the other, John has JC having no problems at all going to his death. So, despite your disagreement, there is a contradiction. The story isn’t the same, no matter how hard Christians have tried to “harmonize” them. I’ve read the bible so I know what it actually says, not what a pastor tries to tell me.

        I know that there is no evidence for the darkened sky, the major earthquake and the walking dead on one day at any point in time that Christians claim that their savior died. You seem unaware that there were indeed claims about such events in other sources, so your claim that we don’t have all of the writings is no excuse for the lack of evidence for the essential events of your religion.

        There are early Christians who tried to claim that the darkening of the sun was a solar eclipse but they forgot that a solar eclipse can’t happen during a full moon, something required for Passover. We can indeed dismiss the claims of the bible as historical since there is evidence that entirely different events happened.

        There was no magical flood; no evidence for it at all and evidence that everyone in the world just went along living as usual at any date offered by Jews, Muslims and Christians for the Noah flood. No loss of the Egyptian army, because their enemies didn’t do anything about that. The city of Tyre is still lived in but God said that no one would ever be able to find it after it was destroyed. No fabulous temples or palaces, no battles fought by hundreds of thousands, no million Israelites wandering around in a space the size of half of Pennsylvania for 4 decades. Not one latrine found despite archaeologists looking in order to support the bible.

        You use circular arguments, Travis. You want to claim that the bible is special because what you find “everything we take for granted in life” is in it, because you believe the bible is special, ad infinitum. What are these things that “we” take granted in life that are only in the bible? The bible says that it can’t be added to without people getting skin infections. But we know that the bible was repeatedly added to, the end of the gospel of Mark, the whole story of the adulterous woman, etc.

        You have yet to show that any magical knowledge was given to the writers of the bible, and don’t even know who they are, and have no evidence that Jesus didn’t avoid dying and did get the gospel. It’s hilarious to watch you say “since the bible is true, and the Qu’ran disagrees, it’s wrong” when you have no evidence that the bible is true at all. You are again stuck with your religion being no more supported with evidence than any other.

        So, how can you tell what is true about other deities and how do you tell what is true in your bible, Travis? What parts are to be taken as literal and which parts are to be taken as metaphor or ignored all together? For example, JC says that you need to follow all of his father’s commandments, no exceptions. How many people have you murdered because they worked on the Sabbath? And when is the Sabbath? Christians don’t agree on that either. If you cannot show any evidence to show your bible is true, then your excuse that one can’t posit them as opposing Christianity is false and one can indeed since they are equal in their lack of evidence that their essential events happened or that their gods do anything at all e.g. miracles.

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