About Me

My name is Travis Berry, and I am a Christian.

I am a graduate of Crown College with a B.S. in Youth Ministry.

Currently, I am living in Houston, TX and working as a Director of Youth Ministries. I enjoy playing golf, watching/participating in sports, mana12004826_677101303139_5361632389842878126_nging my fantasy baseball team (I am a nerdy jock), being with my friends, my family.

My goal in life is to bring glory to Christ in all that I do, and I pray this blog does that.

Thanks for Reading,


  1. Hi Travis. I found your site while researching this topic and appreciate your thoughts. It sounds like we have a similar background and theological interests, however I find myself disagreeing with the video, and ultimately wrote my own post about the topic. In a nutshell, your video starts with the key idea of whether there “is are group of Christians who say what is and isn’t Christian”? And I certainly used to think yes, however, after much study of history and many discussions, I have become more open ended on the topic. I think confessing Jesus as God and Messiah is what gives someone the title of Christian, and even if they cannot do that they can still claim to be a “follower of Christ.” Here’s my post if you get around to checking it oiut, I would be curious what you think about the logic. If you still disagree I invite you to leave your link as an alternate viewpoint.


    • Eric,

      I would rather have this conversation on one of my Mormon posts but I think there is a much needed clarification that I would like to make. It is not only the name “Jesus” that is significant, rather, it is what the name represents. Mormons believe that Jesus is not God. Mormons believe that god was a man just like us. He advanced through good works to become god. They believe that god is not eternal but rather was a spirit child of another god. That is not Christian. That is not following Christ. That does not and cannot lead to salvation.

      Thanks for writing,


    • Eric,

      You don’t have comments on your blog? Is there a reason? I saw a thing saying that you would be having comments but I didn’t see where I would post them. I would encourage you to check out my “Christianity Vs. Mormonism” series on my blog. You can search for them. The one that pertains to your article the most is the one on Jesus Christ.


  2. Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself. It is always nice to know some information on the person writing the blog. Can’t wait to read more in your blog!

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