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Ought We Think Logically?

Good thoughts from my brother Michael Foster

Michael Scott Foster

“The autonomous man must be pressed to explain the necessity of the laws of logic.” – Greg Bahnsen

I’ve heard either Dan Barker or Christopher Hitchens (or maybe both) claim the logic is merely a function of existence. When this claim is made logic is compared to digestion. Until recently I didn’t think this was that popular of an approach but I’ve been hearing a lot skeptics parrot the claim. Regardless, the claim is made in an attempt to give a grounds for why we ought to think logically.

There are several problems with the claim. Henry Middleton explains:

An atheist might argue that the laws of logic simply describe the way the universe works. This is insufficient because the laws of logic would then be contingent entities, and there would be no reason to suppose that they are the same throughout the universe and at all times. The laws…

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