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Laugh Today


Saturday Humor

I love grandparents. They provide a lot of humor. Here are a couple of videos by Julian Smith that hopefully you will enjoy. After all, we all need to laugh now and again.

Use What Your Father Gave You

When I was a youth minister I took my students to a youth convention. The convention had a lot of different aspects to it. One aspect was a fun night of comedy. The comedian that the fun night featured was Michael Jr. He is a funny dude. I ran into this youtube video about a documentary that he has put out called “Comedy: The Road Less Travelled”. Here is the video:

What spoke to me about this video isn’t Michael Jr’s speaking abilities but him using his abilities to reach people. This has encouraged me to use my abilities and passions to do the same.

All of us have talents, abilities, and passions that are God-given.

How are you using them?

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