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Let’s Get Critical: How Christians should Critique

This Periscope broadcast happened when I still had my gnarly beard. But, it’s important. When Christians critique others sometimes it comes off as snobbish or prideful. Now, we can’t always control how people interpret our words, but we need to try to communicate the heart by which we critique. And that heart should ultimately reflect our Savior, Jesus Christ.

To watch the broadcast with comments click here: Let’s Get Critical

Or you can watch the YouTube video below without comments:

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A New Look at Abortion

 I was planning on starting a new topic series on this blog before I ran across this YouTube video. Ray Comfort who is widely known The Way of the Master videos has put out a documentary entitled “180” Movie. This video shook me to the core. It starts out looking at Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust but then quickly shifts to the topic of abortion. 

Every Christian should be pondering what Ray Comfort is saying here because every Christian should be concerned with the lives of those around us. It is our duty to stand up and fight for the babies in the wombs of mothers who want to kill them. Christians it’s time to wake up! I pray this movie be your wake up call.


Think Critically

In my journey through life I have found that many people do not think critically. There are many reasons for this, but that is not the aim of this post. What I want to urge you, and myself, to think critically. I need to remember this like everyone else. I ran across this commercial the other day and thought it was clever. Here is the commercial:

As you can see it is a visually stimulating commercial. I got sucked into this commercial because of its witty presentation. So, why do I use this video to highlight critical thinking? I use this video because it tells us that every machine we use runs on gas. We, as thinking people, know that this isn’t true but they link that with the Chevy Volt. The Volt runs on electricity and gasoline so Nissan ties the everyday machines we use with the Volt. Then, they contrast the Volt with the Nissan Leaf which is 100% electric.

Now, this is not a post bashing the Leaf or bashing people who are “green” friendly. But, this post is about thinking through what the media, culture, and your church tells you.

By setting up a false image of regular machines running on gas it creates a picture that regular machines are gross. I wouldn’t want smoke blown in my face while brushing my teeth or my dentist starting up a chain saw-like machine before working on my teeth.

Here is the rub. What Nissan doesn’t share in this commercial is how much gas or energy it takes to make one of those all-electric cars. I think the small “dramatization” they showed at the beginning of this video should have been more like “DRAMATIZATION”. Everything we use takes energy to produce. Everything we drive uses energy in one form or another. the Nissan Leaf is no exception.

I thought this commercial was great until I thought through what it was telling me. Now I find it a bit deceptive; playing to a nation that has lost its ability to reason and think critically.

So, the next time the media, culture, or your church tells you something think critically because after all God gave us reason:

““Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord” -Isaiah 1:18a

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