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A Christian Response to #ShoutYourAbortion

This Periscope broadcast was an explanation and response┬áto the #ShoutYourAbortion movement. The first 27 minutes is my response to the movement, then I went into a time of answering questions. So, don’t feel like you need to watch the entire 1.5 hour long conversation. I hope that this is edifying to you!

To watch with comments showing click here: A Christian Response to #ShoutYourAbortion

Or you can watch without comments showing here below:

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Pick Up a Mirror

When I was in college, a friend introduced me to mewithoutYou. This band is truly weird. Their sound is not orthodox by any means but, I gave their music a chance and, I got hooked. The lyrics spoke to me in ways other artists didn’t. I was in a weird place in college. I started to take my faith seriously. As I did that I had to face my past sins and, my past sins taught me a lot.

I learned the greatness of God and, the weakness of me.

God is utterly holy and, I am utterly sinful.

God is the giver of life and, I was living in death.

God is light and, I was living in darkness.

I learned that the glory of God was of utmost importance. A line in the mewithoutYou song below has this lyric in it:

Oh, my G-d!

‘I do not exist,’ we faithfully insist
while watching sink the heavy ship of everything we knew
if ever you come near I’ll hold up high a mirror
Lord, I could never show you anything as beautiful as you

I was watching my past life sink in the abyss of forgiveness and, I realized that the most beautiful thing is God himself.

“If ever you come near, I’ll hold up high a mirror. Lord, I could never show you anything as beautiful as you.”

I pray that all that read this blog will realize that there is nothing more beautiful than our God.

Thanks for reading.

A New Look at Abortion

 I was planning on starting a new topic series on this blog before I ran across this YouTube video. Ray Comfort who is widely known The Way of the Master videos has put out a documentary entitled “180” Movie. This video shook me to the core. It starts out looking at Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust but then quickly shifts to the topic of abortion. 

Every Christian should be pondering what Ray Comfort is saying here because every Christian should be concerned with the lives of those around us. It is our duty to stand up and fight for the babies in the wombs of mothers who want to kill them. Christians it’s time to wake up! I pray this movie be your wake up call.


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