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Word of Faith or Faith in God?

Faith healers have been around for ages. People like Benny Hinn and Rick Joyner are nothing new. One person who is “newer” on the scene is Todd Bentley. He became famous, or infamous, for the Lakeland Revival. He promoted faith healing and holy laughter. Just like the faith healers of old there were a lot of people shaking, speaking in tongues, being slayed in the spirit that went on at his revival meetings. Here is a youtube video highlighting Mr. Bentley’s odd “revival”:

If you made it through the entire video then I am impressed but, in all seriousness, the problem with this type of event/teaching is it blatantly goes against the Word of God. Even if you only watched a bit of the video you saw the uncontrolled behavior encouraged by this man. He claims that the Holy Spirit works in his ministry but the Bible contradicts what he is doing. The Bible gives us clear teaching on what the Holy Spirit brings forth in people’s lives. Paul writes this in Galatians 5: 22-23:

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no law. -NET

Did you see what Paul said? The Spirit gives to us is self-control. The uncontrollable laughter and being “drunk” in the spirit are not fruits of the Spirit. They are tricks used to create a feeling. People like Todd Bentley are false teachers and they are everywhere. They use their speaking abilities to access the money in your wallet than to pronounce the Gospel. They rob people of their dignity by creating an atmosphere of holy rolling laughter. They will hardly ever be heard preaching about repentance from sin or the work of Jesus on the cross. And the worst part is that you can find these types of “revivals” around, what seems to be, every corner.

This is a warning to those enticed by these teachers to step back and consult the Word of God. I was once involved in similar practices before God opened my eyes. I was chasing a feeling and the power that flows from God instead of God himself. I was more interested in prayer sessions that centered around healing and laughter instead of investigating the Scriptures. The truth is these “revivals” promise relief from pain and financial hardship but they do little to proclaim Jesus’ amazing work on the cross. They speak of miracles but do not acknowledge, as a good missionary friend puts it, the greatest miracle of all:

The greatest miracle man can ever know is when God turns a heart of darkness into a heart of light. 

God opened my eyes to see his amazing grace and I pray that if you are involved in these “revivals” that yours will be also. And to those on the outside be sure to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those caught up in this tragic movement.

Thanks for reading.

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