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Monday Madness-William Tapely’s New Tune

Mr. Tapely has made an appearance on this blog a time or two before, and he is back today with a smash hit called “The DIA”. The DIA refers to the Denver International Airport, and Tapely is concerned that the artwork there is bad. Granted, Mr. Tapely points out some extremely blasphemous pieces of artwork, but part of me can’t help but laugh at Mr. Tapely’s focus on things like this using his Casio piano. Here is the video:

Thanks for reading/watching/laughing


Feel Free to Laugh

William Tapley is a Catholic who claims to be the “Co-Prophet of the End Times” and “Third Eagle of the Apocalypse”. I am not sure exactly what that means, but it is quite strange. I have featured one of William’s many songs before, but he is out with another hit, and you need to see it! Feel free to laugh:

No Democrats were injured in the making of this video…I think.

Thanks for reading/watching/laughing

Want more Tapley?

Click this link—–>”What Christianity Isn’t

What Christianity Isn’t

William Tapley goes by the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the Co-Prophet of the End Times. He is also a Roman Catholic. Here is a song he wrote called “Doom and Gloom”, and I want to share it to show what Christianity isn’t. FYI it is okay to laugh:

And we wonder why the world thinks we are all crazy?

Thanks for reading, watching, and laughing.

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