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Sola Scriptura & 2 Misunderstandings


When Justice, Mercy, and Love Met!

God is amazing! Nothing shows this more than at the cross. I hope this broadcast is a blessing to you. If you would like to follow me on Periscope you can find me here: @Travis_C_Berry

To watch the broadcast with comments showing click here: When Justice, Mercy, and Love Met!

Or you can watch the YouTube video below without comments showing:

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The Fruits of Liberal ‘Christianity’

Recently, I did a Periscope broadcast about the United Church of Christ and how they, like other liberal denominations, have abandoned Scripture and have embraced cultural norms as truth. I went through their Facebook Page photos and commented on a few of them. One image stood out to me most:


When you abandon Scripture, you have to get your truth from somewhere! The UCC has decided that culture can decide truth. There’s one more thing I want to address before the video.

An atheist commented, “Aren’t they just trying to be honest upfront?”

My answer is: No! If Scripture is all-knowing it can’t be wrong…EVER. If it were to be wrong, it would know it was wrong. Thus, the Scriptures wouldn’t be wrong, they’d be lying to us. That isn’t honest. It’s logically and morally bankrupt. But, then again, if Scripture could be wrong, then who really cares right?

To watch the video with comments showing click here: The Fruits of Liberal Christianity

Or you can watch without comments below:

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