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What’s Love got to do with Porn?

If you would like to reference the article I was referring to in the video you can find that here:

To watch the video with comments showing click here: Love and Porn

Or you can watch without comments showing by clicking the YouTube video below:

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Transgender Man Lives as a 6 Year Old Girl

I ran across a video on Facebook and it caught my attention. The video, found here, features a man who after 23 years of marriage and 7 children, decides to transition into being a female. Not only that but he is living as a 6-year-old. This is the madness going on in our society and I think it deserves a Christian response. So, I played the entire video and responded to it. My hope and prayer is that we, as Christians, live out the Gospel. The Gospel is what people need. The Gospel is the answer. The Gospel is our only hope for true restoration.

To watch the video without comments just click play below:

To watch the video with comments showing follow this link: Transgender Man Lives as a 6 Year Old Girl

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The Myth of ‘Safe Abortions’

I came across an article from USA Today that suggested that abortion rates are higher in countries where abortion is outlawed. Now, I question whether that connection is true or not, but I do know that there is a common mantra that runs throughout all pro-abortion materials…”Abortions are safe”.

This is what the USA Today article had to say:

‘An abortion is actually a very simple and safe procedure,’ said Gilda Sedgh, a senior researcher at the U.S.-based Guttmacher Institute, designated by theWorld Health Organization as an official Collaborating Center for Reproductive Health.

Sedgh claims that abortions are simple and safe. However, is that really the case? I would suggest that it is not. I want to show you a lengthy clip from the documentary “Blood Money”. I want you to listen to the words of Carol Everett who is a former abortion clinic provider. This clip is scary because it highlights how abortions are not “simple or safe”. It is utterly destructive to all involved. Here is the clip:

Don’t believe in the myth of safe abortions.

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