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When Justice, Mercy, and Love Met!

God is amazing! Nothing shows this more than at the cross. I hope this broadcast is a blessing to you. If you would like to follow me on Periscope you can find me here: @Travis_C_Berry

To watch the broadcast with comments showing click here: When Justice, Mercy, and Love Met!

Or you can watch the YouTube video below without comments showing:

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Dealing with an Apostate

People are always fascinated with people who claimed to follow Jesus, then denounce their faith. As Christians, we need to think through how we deal with people who deny Christ to follow something or someone else. Hopefully, this video will help begin the discussion and help you think through the issue.

To watch the video with comments click here: Dealing with an Apostate

To watch on YouTube without comments showing click below:

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Want to Share the Gospel? Practice!

You can check out the broadcast with comments showing here: Want to Share the Gospel? Practice! 

Or you can watch without comments below:

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