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Voting Doesn’t Stop Nov. 6

On November 6, we will be faced with decisions that can change the course of our cities, states, and our nation. If you are not sure who you are voting for you should probably decide soon, because your chance to vote in the 2012 elections is fast approaching. What concerns me is that many people seem to think that elections are the only times they get to cast their votes or have their voices heard. This is not the case.

We vote with our money, time, and our talents. We can donate to causes that are close to our hearts. We can give our time to those who are in need. We can use our talents to help those in our communities.

Every election year, especially the Presidential ones, we hear about everything that needs to be fixed in our communities. We hear about the economy, crime rates, and education. We are bombarded with ads that tear down the competition and try to bolster a specific candidate. We are told that by placing our votes we will change the world. But, is this really the case? Personally, I think the more important votes happen when no one is running for Senate or the Presidency. The most important votes are the ones we cast everyday.

The choice to eat dinner with your family or miss it because of work is an important vote. The choice to help out a neighbor struggling with a crumbling marriage or to ignore him/her is an important vote. To place your money in the offering plate or spend it on something for your own desires is an important vote. Being a parent who is involved, loving, and Bible-centered is an important vote. Regardless of area, we all vote. We all choose to either be selfish or selfless, or to love our neighbor as ourself or not, and those votes are what really change cities, states, and nations for the better.

When all the votes have been cast and the ballots have been counted, don’t forget that you still have a vote.

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Gay-Marriage Debate

Gay-marriage has been a hot button topic for a long while in the U.S. In light of the decision that the 9th Circuit Court made in California overturning Prop 8 I thought I would post a debate on gay-marriage that featured Dr. Michael Brown vs. Dr. Eric Smaw. This debate presents a convincing argument against gay-marriage and I wish the 9th Circuit had watched this before voting. There are 10 videos but I assure you they are worth checking out. The title of the debate is “Should Same-Sex Marriage be Legal in America?” Here are the videos:

Should “God Bless America”?

This past week I was in Arizona. I had the pleasure of leaving the below freezing weather of Minnesota to enjoy 70 degree weather. I also got to spend time with my lovely fiancé which was beyond amazing. Everything was wonderful…until this last Sunday came around.

I went to a church service that featured a special speaker named Dr. Cecil Todd. The service focused on awakening America. This is truly a nobel cause because America definitely needs another great awakening. Even with that nobel end in mind there were many things that troubled me. None was worse than mixing in “God Bless America” in with the worship music. I know for some this would not be a problem but for me it is. Allow me to share my reasoning.

This countries morals are crumbling under our feet. We have killed more human beings through abortion than Hitler did through the Holocaust. Not only that, it is legal in our society. Yet, we have the audacity to ask God for his blessing on our nation.

We live in a country that is bending to the wills of homosexuals who want to redefine marriage. In California the 9th Circuit Court overturned the votes of Californians for Prop 8. In case you didn’t know, the 9th Circuit is made up of three judges. A three judge court overturned the votes of the majority of Californians. Yet, we have the audacity to sing “God Bless America”.

We live in a country that will take down the Ten Commandments in public places. Just today The Christian Post had an article about the Freedom From Religion Foundation asking the town of Newland, North Carolina to take down the Ten Commandments in their town hall. Here is what the FFRF said about it:

However, Patrick C. Elliott, the group’s staff attorney, claimed the display of the Ten Commandments is ‘a blatant violation of the constitution.’

‘Putting the Ten Commandments up permanently in a town hall like this is unconstitutional and I think the court is going to agree with that’.

The FFRF also says:

‘the history of Western civilization shows us that most social and moral progress has been brought about by persons free from religion’.

We live in a country that endorses the killing of humans through abortion. We live in a country that endorses gay marriages which go against God’s institution of marriage. We live in a country that takes down the Ten Commandments because they are ” a blatant violation of the constitution.” Yet, we sing “God Bless America”.

Ladies and gentlemen of the faith it is time to get on our knees and ask for God’s mercy not his blessings. We live in a country that has been blessed with the truth of Christ and we, as a nation, have turned away from that truth. We need to start being more like Abraham in the midst of Sodom and Gomorrah when he pleads with God for his mercy in Genesis 18 instead of asking for God’s blessing as we are blatantly going against his commands.

I pray for another great awakening and the mercy of God on this nation.

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